Asking The Big Questions

We grow up with the concept that one is unique and told to make our own destiny through hard work and focus.  There is an acknowledgment of the need for inner work - knowing yourself - but rarely stressed.  As we age, knowing yourself is relegated to “when I have time” or “when I get […]

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Ready to Begin Your Journey?

Often the hardest task is the beginning, the decision to act.  A short introduction is free of charge.  It allows you to ask the questions needed to clarify any doubts and determine whether the match between the two of us is a good one.  Very few people continue their development beyond their initial formal education.  When that formational knowledge is not updated, corrected, or enlarged by additional training, it tends to regress and is subject to distortion and elimination through the act of forgetting.  Think of this as a continuing education course that is uniquely designed for you!

Dr. Shirley Blair