Obtaining A Clear Vision

Being authentic is not as easy as what people think. Some people are so alienated from their true self, their true desire that it is not easy to determine how to specifically get there anymore. What is usually known, is what you don’t want. A Coach will help you sort through all of the layers that one has taken on to ‘get along’ or ‘be accepted’ thereby revealing the path to authenticity. Secondly, you work together to construct a manageable plan.

Eliminate Self-destructive Decisions and Bad Habits

Perhaps you know what you want – the vision is clear but it appears to others that you lack true commitment. Perhaps you are overwhelmed with bad habits, unconscious or conscious coping mechanisms that are blurring your vision, or creating unproductive patterns. All these things make you think you are accomplishing something when you are not. You end up treading water exhausting yourself. Time is passing you by. Coaching will help you identify and modify, substitute or eliminate what is in your way and understand these set backs so that they are not repeated later.

Navigating Smooth Transitions

The awareness is there that you need to move on or change laterally due to shifting priorities. With full time obligations and the need to seamlessly transition, a coach can assist with deliberate and thought out steps to maintain stability and growth. Whether it is a job transition or a life transition, Coaching can give guidance and direction. No need to reinvent the wheel. There are tested business principles, or if a life transition, scientific data on behavioral dynamics that can move you forward.

Discovering Purpose and Fulfillment

You made all the socially responsible steps. You are successful. You have people around you that care for you. There doesn’t appear that there should be any unhappiness. But you are unfulfilled. You are not happy or challenged any more. It’s like the song – Send In The Clowns . . . a metaphor for when things are falling apart. In the circus, they send in the clowns to keep the audience diverted from the chaos. In applying the metaphor, the chaos is felt inside, but diverted so no one can see. You need someone with expert credentials to objectively view that chaos and give you some direction.

Ready to Begin Your Journey?

Often the hardest task is the beginning, the decision to act.  A short introduction is free of charge.  It allows you to ask the questions needed to clarify any doubts and determine whether the match between the two of us is a good one.  Very few people continue their development beyond their initial formal education.  When that formational knowledge is not updated, corrected, or enlarged by additional training, it tends to regress and is subject to distortion and elimination through the act of forgetting.  Think of this as a continuing education course that is uniquely designed for you!

Dr. Shirley Blair